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Orange-striped anemone (Diadumene lineata)
Credit: California Academy of Sciences
orange-striped anemone
Diadumene lineata

• Small anemone with cylindrical body and 50-100 tentacles
• Light greenish to brown body, usually with thin, vertical, orange or tan stripes
• Grows up to 1.5 in (3.8 cm)

• Firm surfaces such as rocks and pilings
• Occasionally on mud or marsh vegetation in calm waters
• Often associated with mussels or oysters
• Tolerates brackish water

Known Distribution:
• Massachusetts to Florida
• Native to western Pacific Ocean (Japan, China, Hong Kong)

• Mussels and oysters may have difficulty feeding and growing when covered by orange-striped anemone colonies
• Tolerates a wide range of temperature and salinity conditions, perhaps giving it an advantage over native anemones in competition for living space

Common Vector(s):
AquacultureShipping: Fouling